I'm a self-taught freelance illustrator, graphic artist and crafter with over 10 years experience in both traditional and digital media. 

Although I've practiced this field my entire life through self-teaching and occasional art courses, I haven't taken my art profession seriously until 2011, where I started selling my wares at local conventions, exhibits, and online for the first time. I've since participated in many conventions and events located at Tate's Games and Comics, Bear & Bird Art GalleryMizuCon, and FL's Orange Blossom Festival.

The brand "Katnip Art" is a nod towards my wacky, animated personality that I try to incorporate in my artwork. I specialize in monsters, cartoons, and pretty things -- my main sources of interest. 


I'm always seeking inspiration to fuel my ever-evolving art style and will never say no to an opportunity.

If you have any questions or business inquiries, please visit my Contact page!

All art © 2020 to Kat McDermott

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